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Dates and Locations of Field Work at Sites 5MT1, 2, and 3: 1954-1991

Problems on a muddy road for the field van, close to 5MT3, 1981.

Problems on a muddy road for the field van, close to 5MT3, 1981.

By Richard H. Wilshusen and Jeannette L. Mobley-Tanaka

There were 27 seasons in which field work was conducted at one or more of the three archaeological sites that were the focus of the CU Museum's Yellow Jacket project. There were several seasons where only very limited work or work with very small crews occurred, but the majority of the time crews of 5-12 were common and were in the field for eight to nine weeks. Although student field trips to Chaco Canyon and other Southwestern sights were part of the experience, the work otherwise went on for five to six days out of the week. When rains made the ground too muddy to work, time was spent on notes or catching up on preliminary lab work.

Table 1 gives our best present information on how long each field season lasted. These dates are derived from crew chief logs, excavation records, and other similar documentation. Crew members lists the people who worked at the sites over the years. More detailed information on crews, work histories, and documentation for each site is usually given in the site reports.

Table 1.
Field SeasonPeriod of Field WorkPrimary Location
1954May 1-14 (no field school)5MT1, Stevenson
1955May 10-July 6 (no field school)5MT1, Stevenson
1956June 8-August 9 (no field school)5MT1, Stevenson
1957June 14-July 275MT1, Porter
1958August 9-August 305MT1, Porter (5MT10-12 also)
1959June 11-August 25MT1, Porter
1961June 12- August 85MT3, House 3
1962July 16-August 135MT3, House 3
1963June 23-August 195MT3, House 3
1965July 6(?)-July 19 (no field school)5MT1, Porter
1966June 18-August 175MT1, Porter
1969July 20, August 16-17 (no field school)5MT3, House 3
1975June 3- July 255MT3, Houses 1 and 3
1977May 25- July 75MT3, Houses 1 and 3
1978June 2-August 15MT3, House 1
1980June 9- August 85MT3, House 1
1981June 8- August 65MT3, Houses 1, 2, and 3
1982June 12- August 55MT3, Houses 2 and 3
1983June 8- August 75MT3, Houses 1, 2, and 3
1984June 10- August 95MT3, Houses 1, 2, and 3
1985June 13-August 135MT3, Houses 1, 2, and 3
1986June 1-August 155MT2, Houses 1 and 2; 5MT3, Houses 1 and 2
1987May 25-August 55MT2, Houses 1 and 2
1988June 20- August 45MT2, Houses 1 and 2
1989June 14-August 85MT3, House 2
1990June 6- August 75MT3, Houses 1, 2, and 3
1991June 5-June 265MT3, Houses 1 and 3

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