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Yellow Jacket Site Reports

The three sites investigated by the CU Museum's Yellow Jacket Project—5MT1, 2, and 3—offer a number of possibilities for present and future research. These preliminary site reports are intended as basic archaeological overviews and not intensive site reports. There is still a great deal of research to be done on these sites and one of the purposes of these reports is to orient potential researchers. Additionally, these sites are adjacent to and at least partly contemporary with the largest village in the Mesa Verde region, Yellow Jacket Pueblo (5MT5), and so even these preliminary data may be very useful to researchers working in this region.

It is important to note that there have not been systematic artifact analyses of the vast majority of the materials, so there is an incredible store of research possibilities within these collections. The research reports sketch out just a few of the many potential lines of investigation, as well as trying to give a researcher a realistic understanding of each site's limitations. All three sites have different occupational histories, but there is sufficient temporal overlap to allow research comparisons between them. The report pages for each of the sites (5MT1, 5MT2, and 5MT3) offer straightforward introductions to each one and are a good place to start.